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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs Will Make You Rock & Roll

When Samsung marketed for the first time a smartphone with extra large screen, under the trade name Galaxy Note, the company did not expect that it opens the door to a new market segment. If we are to believe the recent rumors, the next generation of Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 therefore, could change the situation.

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have leaked on the web. According to the information, Note 4 is the result of some hardware changes in Note 3.

This time around, the rumored specifications for the Galaxy Note 4 have been published by many websites which suggests several upgrades over the existing Galaxy Note 3. But all the rumors are not believable.

Overall Discussion

Specifications of Galaxy Note 4

According to the sources, Note 4 will be featuring UHD display with resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels. Some are also writing that it will be featuring 4K UHD display which can’t be believed until we receive any official new by Samsung.

Another element of specification, the Galaxy Note 4 will work with a 64 bit processor as the Apple iPhone 5S. This processor is coupled with 3 GB of RAM to make it more efficient. Again, some sites are publishing that it will be carrying 4 GB RAM which is again not easy to believe.

If we talk about the camera, it will carry 20 MP as primary camera with UHD recording and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) sensor.

Connectivity and Network

Galaxy Note 4 would have a port USB 3.0 compliant as Note 3, a chip 4G and Wi-Fi Dual-Band module.

Note 4 Battery Specification

It would be a battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh or 3800 mAh. Finally, Note 4 to be waterproof and dust proof and to carry IP67 certification, like the Galaxy S5.

ip67 Certified smartphone

It will have 128 GB internal on board storage. It seems it can be heavy on your pockets in terms of money as it can cost you between $750 to $850.

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